• Large conveyor reflow oven K8L/K10

    Large conveyor reflow oven K8L/K10

    Large conveyor reflow oven K8L/K10

    1. Brand LCD computer +PLC Control system Can work offline, not affect the production

    2. Temperature Precision can reach ±1℃,Windows 2000 operating interface & powerful .

    3. Cooling zone qty : Top2 / Bottom2,Cooling way :Standard: air cooling , Optional: cooling water.


    4. With a power down protection function, ensure that the normal output of the PCB is not damaged.


    5. Has the perfect on-line temperature test curve and the analysis, the storage, and printing function.


    6. Equipped with independent temperature sensor, real-time monitoring and with cold end compensation function.



    Password Operating system : prevent the irrelevant personnel changes the process parameters .


    Temperature test system : Real-time and on-line detection object welding products's temperature curve . 3- color light indicator :Yellow - warming; green - constant temperature; red - abnormal
    Emergency Cooling System : forced cooling device , cooling rapidly with magnifying mirror ways . cooling speed can reach 3.5~6 DEG C / s & convenient for management


    Rosin recovery system : Rosin directional flow, it's very convenience for replacement and cleaning . Special transmit exhaust pipes .


    Abnormal alarm system : Super high temperature or low temperature


    Hot air circulating system : American Heller hot air circulation heating mode and Special pressurized transport wind structure and special-shaped design heating wire,High heat exchange rate . A little difference between BGA and PCB board .most suitable for lead-free process strict requirements, especially for difficult welding requirements of lead-free products.



    Technology Parameter

    Heating System

    Heating Zone Number

    Up 8, Down 8 or Up 10, Down 10

    Heating Zone Number

    Up 2, Down 2

    Heating Zone Length


    Heating Mode

    Hot wind

    Transport System

    Max PCB Width


    Transport Direction

    Left -> right ( or Right -> left )

    Transport Band Height

    Net : 880±20mm Chain : 900±20mm

    Rail adjusted range


    Transport Method

    Net band , Net band & Chain drive

    Transport Velocity


    Control System



    Start Power


    Rate Power


    Heating Up Time


    Temperature Range

    Room temp ~ 350℃

    Temperature Control Method

    PID and SSR

    Temperature Precision







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