• Automatic Placement Machine KD-TP2050

    Automatic Placement Machine KD-TP2050

    Automatic Placement Machine  KD-TP2050

     1. Cost-effective double placement machine, x, y axis and so on the main coordinate system formed axis adopt high precision high speed servo motor drive precision leadscrew, effectively improve accuracy of SMT .


    2. Unique lead screw transmission structure, make the movement to the drive and overlapping direction, reduce resistance, running more stable and higher precision.

    3. The configuration of different feeder can satisfy the requirement of the different components of the SMT.


    4. Open the setting method of feeder, make intelligent optimization method based on artificial optimization possible, improve production efficiency.


    5. Provide default feeder feeding coordinate function, is to speed up the manual programming.


    6. Put the opening transmission adopts synchronous motor with high precision guide rail, feeding more stable and fast.


    7. Configuration of proprietary structure opening two groups, smart structure, opening the overall weight is less than 500 g, make run more quickly.

     8. Automatic access panels may be mediated through platform and automatic solder paste printer, automatic reflow soldering cohesion, forming a perfect production line.


    9. Special thermal design can make the equipment continuous working, unique electrical system design, convenient maintenance and system maintenance.

     The whole machine is controlled by industrial PC with special software, convenient operation and practical.
     Automatic visual programming software online, For simple Settings, can be achieved PCB engineering programming and SMT.

    The software components database operation is simple, and with the packaging machine offers a variety of common types of libraries.
     According to the element of choice whether to open the image correction function, improving both SMT assembly accuracy rate.
    The software on the open operation and Settings for different customer requirements.

    Can all coordinates of points in software displays the makeup, and the coordinates for fine-tuning, achieve high precision SMT.
    The axis has more shifting speed function, can be set according to the distance from the best speed, improve the stability and prolong the service life of the machine.

    Monitoring function and manual placement function, meet different production requirements.


    Completely independent research and development of automatic system in mouth, can replace the 16 different types of suction nozzle at the same time, meet the requirements of different kinds of components of SMT.

    The max circuit board area: 400 mm * 300 mm Z axis : 40 mm
    The actual place speed: 4000 CPH max : 6000 CPH
    Minimum moving distance: 0.004 mm
    Positioning accuracy: 0.05 mm

    The place head number : 2 

     The feeder number : 60 (8 mm),0402, 0603, 0805, 0603 (3014), 1210 (3528), 3528, SOT, SOIC, QFP can be pasted on the largest (40 mm x 40 mm) 0.4 pin spacing of the IC chip, 8 mm to 12 mm, 16 mm and 24 mm optional

    Motion drive system: high speed DSP digital high voltage driver with screw driver guide
    Vacuum source: vacuum generators, vacuum pump is optional
    Programmatically: industrial programming, computer vision coordinate import PCB files, etc

     Power supply: 220 v, 50 hz2000 w
    The overall size: 1050 mm * 1000 m * 1450 mm Weight: 500 kg
    Visual programming camera type: high pixel color USB CCD array camera, 1 set  bottom mirror light source system


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