• Full Automatic Universal Visual Placement Machine KT3050

    Full Automatic Universal Visual Placement Machine KT3050

    Full Automatic Universal Visual Placement Machine KT3050


    KT3050 is a very practical and powerful full automatic mounter, mounting speed is 6,000 CPH. High precision hardware, imported top brands core parts to ensure placement precision like rail, screw, control systems,
    communication systems and so on.


    High performance double machine, the most suitable for large quantities of RC and SOP, SOIC, QFP and
    QFN mixed production .

    Automatic recognize polarity of component

    Industry control and modularization design idear

    Independent control of each axis servo system

    Easy for programming of complex PCB, and decrease the debugging time

    Multifunction in one machine, suitable for lamp bead, electronical component, small IC.

    LED mounter speed can reach 6,000 CPH


    Configured with different feeders to meet the mounting requirement of different components.


    The mounting head uses stepper motor with high precision rail, more stable, quicker.



    The machine is controlled by industrial computer with special software, easy operation.


    Unique X axis three axis design, making the mounting heads more stable, higher accuracy.


    The standard KD bottom camera system, special optical processing, the key parts of the mount is more accurate.





    Technology Parameter


    PCB Size

    Max: 400*305mm

    PCB Location Mode

    Online Automatic PCB Conveyor

    PCB Transport Orientation

    Right to Left


    Theoretical Mount Speed

    6000 CPH

    Actual Mount Speed

    5000 CPH

    Mounting Precision


    Mounting Type

    Inch 0402、0603、0805、1206(3014)、1210(3528)、5050、SOT SOIC、QFP、QFN

    Component Recognition ( Option)

    Mounting Head bottom camera system Recognition

    Adsorption Head Number


    Feeder Number

    50 pcs(8mm)


    Automatic Degree

    Full -automatic

    Operation System

    Windows XP , SP3

    Control System

    Industry Computer

    Drive System

    high speed DSP digital high voltage drive

    Vision System

     high pixel color USB array CCD camera



    220 V ,50HZ

    Working Power



    (L) 945* (W) 800* (H) 1450mm



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