• Full Automatic Universal Visual Placement Machine KT6280

    Full Automatic Universal Visual Placement Machine KT6280

    Full Automatic Universal Visual Placement Machine KT6280

     1. High performance of 4 head placement machinewith X, Y axis coordinate systems ,high speed and high precision
      servo motor driven precision screw ,effectively improve accuracy suitable for mass resistance capacitance and SOP, SOIC, QFP and mixed production.


    2. Opening feeder setting methods , connection with automatic solder paste printing machine and reflow soldering machine , forming perfect production line.


    3. Motion drive system: high speed DSP digital high voltage drive combined with screw drive guide rail . X/Y drive structure : Panasonic AC servo + Taiwan high precision ball screw + Taiwan high precision square guide.


    4. Software system : Automatic visual online programming.without manual input element coordinates. simple programming, easy and convenience for beginners to practical, meet mass Production demand. can achieve PCB fight board programming and paste.

    5. Automatic nozzle system : R & D by ourself completely ,can be replaced 16 different types of nozzle at the same time , meet the reuirements of different types of components.

    6. Monitoring system : With the material lack monitoring function and manual mounting function.Standard high-definition camera & bottom mirror system, special optical processing industry, key parts mounting is more accurate.




    Mounting Speed: 11,000 CPH (Optimization)


    Multifunction LED chip mounter


    Modular design concept


    3 axis 3 degrees of freedom mounting head


    Position on the fly vision system


    Independency servo control system


    Smart high precision feeder


    Mounting mix with different PCB and material


    High speed and high precision feeder


    New design on the fly recognition vision system


    New design automatic head replacement system


    Small size design


    Production capacity improved 150% compare to the old machine



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