• Full Automatic Solder Paste Mixer ST200A

    Full Automatic Solder Paste Mixer ST200A

    Full Automatic Solder Paste Mixer ST200A

     1.Refrigerated paste temperature can returning in a short time can use ASAP.


    2.Stirring the solder paste 2 tanks in the same time , improve production efficiency.


    3. Highly Delay precision setting value time delay error < 0.1% & Repeated delay error <0.1%.


    4. No effect of voltage changes between AC85-264V


    1.Unique shape design beautiful, generous and practical.


    2. Mixing principle is motor revolution and rotation method, no need refrigerated paste.
    3.Universal Clamp holder for a variety of brands of 500g, 1000g of solder paste .
    4.Unique Clamp holder design to make the stirring more smoothly and uniform.


    5. In the process of stirring , no need open the paste so that the solder paste not absorb moisture or oxidation.


    6. Closed blade pug mill can fixed running time , keep the soft paste (q) stability





    220V AC

    Revolution / Rotation

    450 / 900 RPM / min

    Exterior dimension

    390 * 390 * 390mm

    Reset mode

     power off reset

    Control method

    power on time

    Repeat action

    < 0.5s.

    Output capacity

    3A DC24V; 3A AC250V (resistance)

    Insulation strength

     100M /500DC

    Dielectric strength

    2.5k V / min

    Supply voltage

    DC24V 5~+10% - AC85-264V AC24V AC12V DC12V

    Mechanical life

     1 * 1000000

    Electrical life

     5 * 100000

    Power consumption


    Using ambient temperature

     -60 C -23

    environmental humidity





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