• Online AOI Automatic Optical Detector KV600

    Online AOI Automatic Optical Detector KV600

    Online AOI Automatic Optical Detector  KV600

    Online AOI optical detector used in SMT production line, mass production of PCBA factory, this new online AOI inspection equipment has automatic classification and front-end placement machine and the back-end NG and OK for machine interfaces, automatic import PCBA circuit board, automatic export PCBA circuit boards and classification (automatic storing your good product and bad product)

    Online AOI inspection equipment according to the placement of the SMT line is usually divided into three types:


    1. After the first one is on the solder paste printing detection fault of AOI solder paste (such as printing, collapse) called after AOI solder paste printing;

    2. The second is in fault detection device pasted on the patch of AOI (offset, missing parts, wrong thing, reverse, asymmetry, double

    pieces, pieces, breakage, etc.) is called after the patch AOI.


    3. The third one is on the AOI after AOI after reflow soldering and wave soldering, and welding is used to detect device pasted on the

      failure of AOI, called after reflow soldering AOI (full inspection AOI)




     Programming model

    Automatic writing, automatic manual writing, CAD data import, corresponding component library

     To detect patterns

    To cover the entire circuit optimization detection technology, makeup and more Bad Mark

     Detection of type

    Solder paste printing, offset, tin, tin, the tin, less pollution and so on parts defect, missing parts, offset, skew, of the fault and the erection, side stand, turn over, SMT defects such as broken, reverse, tin tin more and less virtual welding, copper foil pollution, solder joints defects, such as oxidation PCB defects

    Image recognition

    In accordance with the requirements of different detection automatically set the parameters (such as migration, polarity, short circuit, etc.)

     SPC statistics

    Record test data and statistics and analysis all the way, any area can check the production status and quality analysis

    PCB size

    50 * 50 (min) to 400 * 400 (Max), can according to customer's request on a bigger size

    PCB bending

    ﹤ 3% of diagonal length 5 mm or PCB

    PCB parts highly

    Above: ﹤ 30 mm, below 115 mm

    Positioning accuracy


    Movement speed


    The image processing speed


    Camera and lighting system

    3 million pixels full-color high-speed camera, the camera resolution and um, three-channel white LED light source or RGB light source

    Drive system

    AC servo motor system, precision grinding ball screw

    The smallest parts test

    0201 chip&0.3pitchIC

    The software system

    Windows XP

    Calculation method

    Color extraction operation, color, gray scale operations, image contrast, etc

    The output shows

    22 inch widescreen (", 1680 * 1050 resolution) HDMI display

    Network newsletter


     Tool for data transmission

    Support the commonly used formats, such as CAD, Excel, Txt

    The machine mode


    Equipment weight


    Device dimension



    Comply with CE safety standards

    Air pressure requirements

    Without compressed air pipe


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