• Fully Automatic BGA Repair Station BGA6600

    Fully Automatic BGA Repair Station BGA6600

    Fully Automatic BGA Repair Station BGA6600

     Independent 3 heating zones control system.


    Precision optical position system.


    Advanced Intelligent operate system.


    Security protection function \ grating protection.

    1. Independent 3 heating zones control system.

    Can at same time to local heating from the top of components and bottom of PCB by hot air circulation , and also can large area of infrared heating, can completely avoid warped of PCB in the process of repair, through software can freely select or alone use the up / down heating zone,at the same time, external temperature measuring interface can do the precision testing for temperature, and analysis and proofreading for the BGA temperature curve at anytime.


    2. Precision optical position system

    Optical position adopt vision automatic position system, after using CCD to capture the positioning of PCB and BGA image, and through the image processing software to analysis ,in order to achieve precise position and placement, and the placement accuracy is +/-0.025mm .Collected images can be magnified, narrow and fine-tuning, make the image clearer. And with 15 " high-definition LCD display.


    3.Advanced Intelligent operate system

    Adopt compute operate, K- type thermocouple closed-loop control and intelligent automatic temperature compensation system. Independent design of upper heating device and place head,By panasonic servo control system for X, Y, Z axis and ф Angle, can precise control and heating point,to realize automatic identification pick and mount height, with automatic position ,mounter, welding and desoldering function. Working temperature can be set 8 segment heating and 8 segment constant temperature control, and can save and memory more than ten thousands temperature parameters and different heating of BGA chip, and can adjust based on different BGA.


    4. Security protection function \ grating protection

    when the machine running under high speed, if the grating locked , the machine stop immediately, in order to protect the personal safety;Servo motor will stop when collisions with other objects,with self protection function, Three color lamp on the top constantly monitor the working state of the machine, andwith the safety protection function.





    AC 380V±10%  50/60Hz

    Total Power

    9.8KW Max

    Heater power

    Up: 1200W, Down: 1200W, IR zones: 7200W (the left 6 pcs infrared plate can be controlled independently ). 

    Position system

     Servo drive +Panasonic vision automatic alignment system 

    Temperature control

    K-type closed-loop thermonuclear, independent temperature control,precision can be up to + / - 3 degrees

    Position system

    V-type, with universal fixture and layering.

    PCB size

    Max 500×600mmMin10×20mm 

    .Suitable chip

    2×2 ~ 80×80mm 

    Temperature testing interface


    Working way

    Operate by computer

    Mounter accuracy

    X, Y, Z axis and ф Angle adjustment adopts servo drive, precision up to + / - 0.025 mm. 


    1290×1290×2050mNot include display support


    400 KG 

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